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To find the list of polyatomic ions you need for this course; go to: 

Hi Everyone,

I have added in the completed OWL assignment grades,  to keep your Overall Total Column as accurate as possible. The Overall Total Column is the grade you have in the course currently and is updated whenever a grade is put in.

Right now, I have posted the Pre-Assignments 4-8, Problem Sets 05–7.1-7.3, and Quiz 2. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR GRADES IN THE OWL TOTAL COLUMN OR IT SAYS (–) AND YOU DID THE ASSIGNMENTS, FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING STEPS:

1. Check your OWL account to make sure you are in the correct section. If you are not, email [email protected] with the Title of the email: Change OWL Section and in the BODY of the email have your full name, the section you should be in, and if it’s the OWL Lab or OWL (lecture) or Both that I need to change.

2. Check that you have your correct RedID as your Student ID on OWL. If this information is incorrect please update the information ASAP. Once you have updated your student ID then you may email [email protected] with the Title of the email: Updated RedID and in the BODY of the email: your full name and section number.

Note: If you do not know how to update your account please email OWL and not me. I do not work for OWL nor am I tech person.

Failure to fix your account and inform me before Friday, April 12th at 2 pm will result in your grades being left as zeros.