Summer 2019- Chem 200

Welcome to the Chem 200 Summer 2019 Homepage

Before we get started on Tuesday, July 9th please read the syllabus: CHEM 200_202 Syllabus -Summer 2019

I highly recommend reading the OpenStax Chemistry book Chapters 1 – 4. These chapters were mainly covered in Chem 100 (Introductory to Chemistry) or High School Chemistry except Limiting Reagent.

Note: I recommend doing the end of Chapter Problems to give you practice before the semester starts and write these problems out in a composition book to keep your notes more organized. Link to solutions:

OWL V2 “Online Assignment” Program now live for you to get a bit ahead:

Note: You will not be charged until the add/drop deadline. 

  1. Click on the SDSU_SU19_Student Instructions, the links in the pdf are clickable. Now before you go clicking all over the place; READ WHAT IT SAYS FIRST! Failure to do so will result in a lot of headaches for you and me this semester. Another important note: When it asks for your student ID it’s asking for your RedID. DO NOT use anything else AND do not create multiple email accounts. 

Note: If you do not know your RedID you can contact the Registrar’s office who can help you. Also, if you do not know your section number register in Section 04 and I can move your assignments after the first day.


AFTER reading the pdf file: SDSU_SU19_Student Instructions and you have signed up for OWL Lecture AND OWL Lab (don’t forget the second OWL account): Do the following assignments in this order. If you can’t find the assignment click on SHOW ALL ASSIGNMENTS OR CHECK YOU ARE IN THE CORRECT OWL.

  1. OWL Lecture: Getting Started with OWLv2 — Part 1 — Make sure you take notes!
  2. OWL Lecture: Getting Started with OWLv2 — Part 2 — Make sure you take notes!
  3. OWL Lecture: Math Review — You have 10 attempts to get a perfect score! Let’s start the semester with 100%.
  4. OWL Lecture: General Chemistry Review — You will have 3 attempts at the quiz (this is what’s graded); the study plan is to help you after you did the quiz with concepts you need to review to be ready for Chem 200. Note: You MUST have an 85% or higher and have completed the Study Plan to unlock Chapter 1 Problem Set (Chapter 1 will become live on July 9th after the lecture). If after the second quiz you did not achieve an 85% please email me at [email protected] DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT; YOU WILL BE LOCKED OUT FROM OTHER ASSIGNMENTS IF YOU DO NOT PASS WITH AN 85%. Also, do not start a quiz unless you plan on finishing it. I can’t go back and retrieve your old grade.


Exam 1 will be on Tuesday, July 16th at 12:00 pm. Please bring your RedID or Driver’s Liscence, pencil, and non-graphing non -programmable calculator.

Exam 1 will cover Chapters 1-4.

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