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List of Standard States of Elements and your Polyatomic Ions: Standard_States_of_Elements_&_Key_Ions



The online Quizzes are special assignments that have a time limit and you must complete them during a single session.

Technical issues during your quiz can cause you to lose points so here are some tips to make sure your quiz sessions go smoothly:

-Use the Chrome browser. Although OWLv2 works on different browsers, most students experience the best results with Chrome.

-Be sure to have just ONE browser window/tab open when running the quiz. Having additional browsers windows or tabs open can cause issues.

-If your quiz “freezes” in the middle don’t panic. Simply close down the browser then re-open it and log in again. You’ll see a screen with a “Resume Assignment Now” button so you can pick up where you left off.




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In the discussion this week we will be going over Discussion Sheet 3Please bring with you a copy of the worksheet (try to complete as much as possible), a non-graphing non-programmable calculator, and a pencil.