Cengage: OWLv2 More Help and Information

More Informational Help with OWLv2:

Need to check if OWLv2 is down? Here is the link: https://techcheck.cengage.com/status-history/102/12h

General Chemistry Review and how to Unlock Chapter 1 tips:

Here are some helpful tips to unlock Chapter 1 Problem Set:

1. You must have 85%, not 84.49% on the General Chemistry Review quiz.

2. You MUST do the study plan unless you received 100%. This is stated in the syllabus. The General Chemistry Review is provided to help you make sure you have a good foundation before continuing on in Chem 200/202.

3. If you are working on the study plan– Click on any Learning Objective that still says “Required” (it will be red in color). Start the activity then click Complete Activity in the upper right corner. Do this for all remaining Required Learning Objectives. After you do this, you will see a Submit Assignment for Grading button appear in the upper right.
Click this to submit your Quiz score.

Remember read the syllabus and read all announcements that are provided. 

Some useful tips:

  1. Check to make sure you are using the updated version of Chrome. I know Cengage says you can use Safari, Firefox, and others; but from my experience Chrome works the best and you will have fewer hiccups along the way.
  2.  If you are experiencing issues check the techcheck link to see if OWLv2 is down. Sometimes bugs happen OR they are doing minor maintenance and shouldn’t take more than an hour. Remember: Never wait until the last minute to do an assignment.  
  3. If OWLv2 is not down then call Cengage to help you with the issue: 1-800-354-9706
  4. If you are having Quiz issues please do the following:
    •  Use the Chrome browser. Although OWLv2 works on different browsers, most students experience the best results with Chrome.
    • Be sure to have just ONE browser window/tab open when running the quiz. Having additional browsers windows or tabs open can cause issues.
  • If your quiz “freezes” in the middle don’t panic. Simply close down the browser then re-open it and log in again. You’ll see a screen with a “Resume Assignment Now” button so you can pick up where you left off.