Instructions for Waitlisters

Instructions for Waitlisters.

1. Read the CHEM 200_202 Syllabus – Spring 2019.

2. Register for the OWL Lecture and the OWL Labs under 200/202 Waitlist by following the following instructions: SDSU_SP19_Student Instructions You will receive a free two-week trial. Do not pay for anything until you are officially registered for the course. 

3. Start with the OWL Lecture for the following assignments:

a. Getting Started with OWLv2 Part I

b. Getting Started with OWLv2 Part II

c. General Chemistry Review due February 5th at 11:55 pm

d. Math Review due February 5th at 11:55 pm

       e.  Chapter 1 Problem Set due February 8th at 11:55 pm

       f.  Chapter 2 Problem Set due February 8th at 11:55 pm

4. Go to one lab, starting the week of January 28th. Make sure to fill out the following week’s form: Week 1 and Week 2,  to make sure you know who your TA was as well as informing the lab coordinator you participated in a lab section.


 Download the following packet for lab: Waitlist Lab Manual

5. After you have gone to the first lab, work on the following assignments:

a. Lab Safety Quiz — you have only one attempt and is due Friday, February 1st at 5:00 pm. Found on OWL labs.

b. Pre-Assignment: Experiment 1- Use of Volumetric Equipment — you have multiple attempts and the assignment is due Monday, February 4th at 8:00 am. Found on OWL labs.

6. Work on your pre-lab, just in case, for the first experiment, Use of Volumetric Equipment. The assignment is due the week of February 4th  and will be turned in to the lab TA no later than 5 minutes into the lab time. Make sure you follow the guidelines the lab TA gives you on how to write a pre-lab, the week before.

7. If you are trying for Chem 200 or 202 go to discussion, even if you are trying for Chem 202. This is to make sure you don’t miss any assignments just in case you don’t get into Chem 202; you at least have done the work for Chem 200 and won’t miss any assignments.

8. Keep up with the assignments and make sure you keep track of your TAs by using the following links: Week 1 and Week 2.


Exam 3 will be on Friday, August 9th at 12:00 pm. Please bring your RedID or Driver’s Liscence, pencil, and non-graphing non -programmable calculator.

Exam 3 will cover Chapters 7.4 – 9.

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