Sample Exams

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As you have likely noticed, we have not provided any solutions for the sample exams, and you won’t find the solutions here. This is in part because we feel that there has been an overreliance on the solutions in the past, to the detriment of the learning opportunity that comes with trying the sample exams. We encourage you to take the time to try the sample exams as if they were real exams. Shut off your phone and computer, and give yourself the two-hour time limit and see what answers you get for each question. Once you have completed the exam you can use the excel “Virtual Scantron” to grade your exam.


1. Download the Virtual Scantron

2. Select the exam that you are answering

3. Enter your multiple choice answers (letter) in the “answer column”

4. Once all your answers are entered, change the “No” in the cell under “Grade Now” to “Yes” and the results of your answers will appear in column C.

5. Your score (number of correct answers) will also be displayed in cell D5.

6. To hide the results again, change the “Yes” back to “No”.


Welcome to Chem 200 & 202 Fall 2019 Semester!!!

Exam 2 will be on October 19, 2019 at 2:00 – 4:00 pm.


Here is the form for Makeup Exam Two: Makeup Exam Two. This form is for those who have already submitted their documentation to take a makeup for Exam One and have been Pre-Approved. Please make sure you fill out the form by October 18th at 5 pm. This form will allow me to contact you regarding where you will be taking your exam and to add you to the official roster.

If an emergency occurs, please fill out the form, if you will not be able to make Exam Two during the scheduled time. 

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