FAQ for Waitlisters

Read the syllabus!!!

FAQ for Waitlisters

1. Will I be able to get into this class?

A. We don’t know, it depends on how flexible you are. If you see a section open and no one is on the waitlist, grab it. On average 2 people drop from each section, but that means some sections get zero drops and some get four. If you are #4 on a waitlist, maybe find a section with no waitlist so you have a better chance. Quite often space appears in a section with no one waiting, and the person who is watching the schedule closely is the one that gets it.

2. Can you add me to the waitlist?

A. No, you must add yourself.

3. I really need this class, why can’t you let me in?

A. We have a limit of 24 students per lab room per section. We can’t exceed that.

4. Will it help if I email the lecture professor?

A. No, that email will simply get forwarded to the lab coordinator.

5. I have been waiting for this section since the first day, why can’t I get in?

A. Someone needs to drop before we can let you in. If no one drops, no one is let in. time on waitlist means nothing.

6. I talked to the registrar’s office and they said you could add me to the class.

A. True, we can if there is space. They might give the standard reply not knowing there is no space.

7. When will I know if I am in this class?

A. Well, there is always the add/drop deadline. Seriously, if we see a spot open, the lab coordinator will fill it, so you will know as soon as we know.

8. I see a spot open, can I have it?

A. See #1 and #2.

9. I am already in a section, why can’t I just switch to a different section?

A. If there is a spot open and no waitlist, you can. If there is a spot open and a waitlist, they get priority. If there is no spot open, be glad you are enrolled.

10. Can I enroll in one section and do the work in a different one?

A. No.

11. It is 8 weeks in the semester, will I ever get in? I am still on the waitlist.

A. If you are not admitted by add/drop deadline, you will not get in. You will remain on the waitlist, but that does not mean anything. The registrar’s office does not clear the waitlist page. Again, if it’s past add/drop deadline and you are not enrolled in a section, you are not in the course. 

12. I missed a lab while waiting for this class, can I make it up?

A. No. Why? Because you can do the labs while on the waitlist, you can do the homework while on the waitlist, you can join a discussion while on the waitlist, you have textbook access while on the waitlist. No makeups. But we do drop one lab and one discussion for any reason, so this will be your dropped lab.

13. How do I keep caught up with the course while on the waitlist?

A. Follow the following instructions: Instructions for Waitlisters.